From July 29 – August 10 2018, the Beulah Pavilion was located at Southbank, showcasing the shortlisted entries for Southbank by Beulah. Complete with team models and presentation renders, it was a chance for Melbourne to see the next iteration of communities of the future.


“We struggled to find a location for the final presentation that captured the essence of what Southbank by Beulah is... so we created one from the ground up.”

Adelene Teh
Executive Director, Beulah International


The pop-up pavilion, commissioned by Beulah International, was built as a public art installation, primarily to host the team’s final presentations to the jury.


Drawing on an experienced local team of experts, the pavilion was designed by One Design Office and constructed in a rapid 48 hours for the final presentations. 

Designed as a commentary on the city, being in a state of constant evolution and change, the pavilion’s concentric frames capture how iterative progress can be seen as a sculptural outcome. Whirled around a common axis, the frames are lit by programmed lights to further emphasise movement.



Architect: One Design Office
Builder: Multiplex
Fitout: Kovstruct, Spacecube
Engineer: Robert Bird Group
Lighting: Atmosphere Design, Inspire Design
Pendant: Phasmida 9 by Christopher Boots
Electrical: Brec
Furniture: Dann Events, Stylecraft
Flora: Vasette